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Saturday, 19 June 2021
Who are we ??

PT. Rasiojaya Sumberdatindo is a private company which works on software and computer consulting also software development sector. Since established in beginning of 1992, we have handle the software development and maintenance for many company, both integrated software and separated modules software.

Company Information
Name : PT Rasiojaya Sumberdatindo
Address : Ruko Permata Jemur Andayani
    Jl. Jemur Andayani 50/A83-85, Surabaya 60236
Telephone : (031) 8477214, 8477351
Fax : (031) 8496758
Email : mail@rasiojaya.net
Establishe    : 11 March 1992
Staffs : 12 people, including 3 system analyst/programmer, 5 programmer.

Our Representatif:
Jl. SMUN 14 Barat II / 29 ,Cililitan Besar, Jakarta Timur 13640
Telp.(021)8095721 Fax.(021)8091648 Email:abdillahrm@rasiojaya.net

PT. Mitra Informatika Dewata
Jl. Kediri 36A, Tuban, Kuta, Bali
Telp.(0361) 759112 Fax. (0361) 759110 Email : hendrasm@telkom.net

UD. Sumber Mas Computer
Jl. Ir. H.Juanda 125, Solo
Telp.(0271)48125, (0271)635922, Fax,(0271)51133

PT Multitek Komputindo
Jl Sultan Agung 106, Jember
Telp.(0331) 422226, Fax.(0331) 422220 Email : komputindo@telkom.net

Our Service:
1. Computer consultant
2. Software making : depends on customer need
3. Software maintenance: change or addition to existing software

Software that we ever made:
1. Tour and Travel
2. Remuneration System Specification
3. Stock System Software
4. Accounting System Software for Dispensary
5. Hotel Information System
6. Bank
7. Church
8. Family Karaoke

© 2006 PT. Rasiojaya Sumberdatindo. All right reserved.
E-mail: mail@rasiojaya.net
Website: http://www.rasiojaya.net